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Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers about the European Platform for Investing in Children

What is the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC)?

EPIC is an evidence-based online platform which clearly presents information on practices that work for children and their families.


Where can I find the website?

EPIC can be accessed at


What are the major sections of the website?

The website provides various types of information:

  • Within the ‘Practices that Work’, the ‘Evidence-Based Practices’ is a database of practices that have been implemented across the EU Member States, which meet EPIC’s evaluation criteria. The ‘User Registry’ enables policymakers to exchange knowledge on user-based practices currently being implemented. Both registries are complementary and equally valuable in terms of knowledge sharing.
  • The Country Profiles, EU activities and Statistics sections contain information on where to learn more about child and family policy in the EU.
  • The Events, News and Studies and Reports pages feature up-to-date information on the most recent news and reports relating to child and family policy.


Who runs the EPIC website?

The platform is operated by the European Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. Day to day management is undertaken by RAND Europe, an independent, not-for-profit research organisation with offices in Cambridge and Brussels.


What makes the European Platform for Investing in Children different?

EPIC is unique because:

  • It focuses on evidence.  Eligibility for inclusion in the Evidence-Based Practices section is determined by an evaluation framework comprising quality criteria which assesses evidence of effectiveness, transferability, and enduring impact supporting each practice.
  • It is an interactive platform designed to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration among policymakers or practitioners. Users are encouraged to register child-focused ‘practices that work’ and to interact.


What if my practice isn’t listed on the EPIC website?

We encourage you to submit your practice to the EPIC website. The project team is always looking for new and innovative practices, and will then get back in touch with you.


How can I submit a practice to EPIC?

You can use the online submission form, or send an email to the EPIC project team (


What if my practice has not been evaluated?

EPIC is unique among best practices sites in that it actively encourages and facilitates the exchange of experience and practical lessons learned through its ‘User Registry’. We recognise the need to accommodate innovative practices, which may not have been evaluated, and we agree that innovation is important as is facilitating the exchange of experience and practical lessons learned.  The team acknowledges that evaluation may require time and resources and that the use of this method varies across the EU-27. Although only evaluated practices meeting EPIC’s quality criteria would be included in the Evidence-Based Practices database, the EPIC team looks forward to collaborating with all stakeholders in the field, and is in the process of developing an evaluation toolkit as a resource to help those who wish to evaluate their practices


What if my practice isn’t recognised by EPIC?

EPIC is geared to improve the exchange of information on what is used and works in child policy between policy makers, academics and practitioners. It is not intended to be used to make decisions regarding funding, for instance.