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Other relevant documents

Report on bond exchanges and debt buy-backs: a survey of practice by EU debt managers pdf - 206 KB [206 KB]

Response by the Portuguese authorities pdf - 112 KB [112 KB]

In June 2001 a questionnaire covering the practices followed by debt managers implementing bond exchange or buy-back operations was distributed to the Economic and Financial Committee's Group on EU Government Bonds and Bills by the UK delegation to the Group. These reports briefly review those responses.

Progress report on primary dealership in EU public debt management pdf - 105 KB [105 KB]

This report was adopted on 13 November 2000. It describes the main advantages and duties of the primary dealers existing in 13 EU Member States and also contains a list of the primary dealers operating in the Member States.

Progress report on European Union (EU) government bond instruments pdf - 40 KB [40 KB]

This report was adopted on 13 November 2000. It contains basic information on the characteristics of the main bond and retail instruments issued by the EU government issuers.

Report on debt redenomination and market conventions pdf - 132 KB [132 KB]

The report was adopted on 30 April 1998 and updated on 15 December 1998. National plans for redenomination of outstanding debt to the euro are described and relevant legal texts are indicated. Detailed information is also given on technical specificities (clearing and cash settlement systems and ISIN codes). Information is given on the market conventions for Bills and Bonds (day count basis, quotation basis, settlement dates and business days).

Report on national issuing procedures and calendars pdf - 110 KB [110 KB]

This report was adopted on 15 December 1998 and updated in November 2000. Issuance procedures used for Bills and Bonds by each EU Member State are described in detail. Information is also given on the timing for information disclosure and on issuance frequency in each Member State. "Generic" consolidated calendars of national Bills and Bonds issuance are provided. The provisional timetable is updated quarterly.

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