Management training

Our current offer consists of a wide range of possibilities for staff at different stages of their managerial career, starting with courses for those who lead teams but do not occupy a formal managerial position and moving right the way up to a semi-residential development programme for newly appointed Directors (senior management). Some of these programmes include individual or group coaching.

These courses are complemented by 5 workshops on the following themes:

  • key conversations with staff
  • motivating staff
  • planning and monitoring
  • the manager coach approach
  • managing upwards.

We are currently in the process of reviewing our offer and plan to switch to a theme-based approach of much shorter courses supplemented by various other forms of learning all of which will be based around the notion of the three fundamental pillars of management:

  • managing myself
  • managing my team
  • managing my environment.

Further details will appear as this process develops. 







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