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First Open Day of the European Administrative School 6 March 2008


With the slogan "Walk over to the EAS", staff of all the institutions as well as representatives of the institutes and schools of public administration in the EU were invited to come and discover the School's resource centre and training activities during the afternoon of 6 March. Over 400 people crossed the threshold of 24 rue De Mot to take advantage of this offer.


The Resource Centre

Since the outset, the School has offered training in management techniques, for new staff and to candidates selected for the compulsory training programme in the certification procedure. The new resource centre concentrates on these three areas and provides staff of all the institutions with the chance to borrow, either online or in person, and consult the vast range of material (books, DVDs, journals etc.). To find out more about the resource centre, consult the "resource centre" heading on this site.

The mini-workshops

20-minute workshops, organised throughout the Open Day, gave participants the chance to discover something about themselves and their environment:

"Get to know yourself better" : a look at different aspects of our personality and how they affect our own behaviours and those of our colleagues.

"Develop your skills" : in memory, management, leadership, communication, and handling change.

"The (hi)story of the EU" : a story-telling approach to the subject using anecdotes and photographs to help explain the main stages of European development and its underlying principles.

Prize-giving ceremony to training managers

A few weeks before the Open Day, the School had sent a questionnaire to all training managers to take part in a light-hearted quiz. The aim was to test participants' knowledge about the School, measure the quality of the information it provides and evaluate how its performance is perceived.

Encouragingly, 60 people, about 50% of recipients, replied and many of them attended the award ceremony held during the afternoon. The winners received a series of attractive prizes from John Speed, Chair of the School's Management Board. Congratulations then to :

  • Nicole Millet (Secretariat General of the Council): 1st Prize
  • Jan De Vis (Unité formation de la Commission) et Szilvia Rogovsky (DG Regio de la Commission) : 2nd Prize ex aequo
  • Eleanor Jones (EPSO) et Thierry Baudoux (DG Comm, Commission) : 3rd and 4th Prizes

To experience the event in photos, "leaf through" the interactive photo album.

Meeting of representatives of institutes and schools of public administration 7 March

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