Key skills

Analysing and Solving Problems
To enable participants to identify the elements of a problem, use specific tools, including group problem-solving techniques, solve complex problems, and understand their own problem-solving style and the diversity of styles amongst their colleagues.

Day-to-Day Negotiation
To enable participants to be more confident when negotiating, prepare a negotiation and analyse the context behind it, adapt their approach depending on the type of negotiation, and understand their own negotiating style and their reactions during a negotiation.

Oral Communication
To enable participants to create more visual and verbal impact when communicating in professional situations, know their communication style and adapt it to the context, and to listen actively.

Writing with Impact
To enable participants to produce engaging and persuasive documents, use a systematic and strategic approach to writing documents ("think before you write"), and produce documents that are well presented, clear and in a professional style.

Working in Teams
To enable participants to adopt attitudes that contribute to the success of a team, understand and improve their own contribution to the team, and  understand the diversity of roles that members of a team can play.

Personal Effectiveness
To enable participants to manage their personal workflow more efficiently, arrange their work space in order to foster effectiveness, handle email in a more effective way, and deal with interruptions and avoid procrastination.

Clear Speaking: Communicating in the Tower of Babel
To enable participants to understand the needs and constraints of multilingual communication and of working with interpreters and to deliver a message in a multilingual meeting in the most effective way.










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