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Our activities


We have three target groups:

  • recently recruited staff
  • managers and potential managers
  • assistant grade staff identified as having the potential to become administrators (certification)

Recently recruited staff

We run an initial course to help colleagues adapt to their new professional environment and then offer a flexible programme of 8 short modules that provide them with some of the basic skills they will need to succeed during their career in the institutions.

Management training

We offer a complete range of programmes for staff as their management responsibilities increase during their career, starting with courses for people who lead teams and moving right the way through to a semi-residential course with coaching for senior Heads of Unit.

Certification candidates

All candidates have to undergo an intensive training programme including individual study that covers the skills they will need to become successful administrators. They then have to pass a series of examinations prepared by the School on the basis of the training programme.

External activities

The School is an active member of the network of Directors of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in the EU (DISPA).

We also run two-week traineeships under a pilot project entitled "Erasmus for Public Administration" for young civil servants dealing with EU affairs in member state administrations.


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