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Climate change clips

Podnebne spremembe in energija

Pridružite se forumu - Povejte svoje mnenje o politiki EU na področju podnebnih sprememb!

Recycle your waste, take public transport, fit energy saving light bulbs – the drive to stop climate change is on! But maybe the hype is swamping you. Maybe you feel all the talk about carbon cutting, offsetting, and calculating your carbon footprint is exaggerated. Maybe you're concerned the EU's greenhouse gas emissions targets will be detrimental to industry or your way of life. Or maybe you're concerned that not enough is being done about the melting ice caps, increased flooding and intense heat waves. Maybe you consider the EU's targets to be insufficient. Maybe you'd like each individual to become more climate conscious. Whether you're a climate skeptic, a committed environmentalist, or simply a concerned citizen, this is the chance to express your views on the topic and discuss with others participants in the climate debate.