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Social media talk – what did EU citizens say in 2013?

Learn a language, know more about the European Parliament’s new powers and enjoy lower mobile roaming charges when abroad in the EU – these are just some of the things that the European Commission Facebook fans have said they want.

The European Commission asked, and EU citizens answered. As well as releasing the EU Citizenship Report in May this year, 2013 has also been a year to engage with Europeans on issues that matter to them, and spark debate among citizens on social media. Throughout the year, 11 polls have been launched through the Facebook app ‘It’s About You’, whereby fans of the European Commission page are asked to vote on one of five preferences for each poll question.

From the poll question “How do you make your voice heard on topics you care about?”, almost one third of respondents (32%) answered “In discussions on social media”, showing how important forums such as Facebook are for EU citizens to have their say on the Europe they live in.

Other ‘It’s About You’ poll questions included, “As the summertime comes to an end, what are your plans for the upcoming year?” and “Tell us what’s holding you back from unleashing your entrepreneurial potential!

For easy access to some of the most interesting insights into what EU citizens have been saying through these polls, see the infographic below, or download and share it here ! But telling the European Commission what you think online doesn’t end with the polls – anybody can find info on EU topics, and have their say on the future of Europe by joining in conversations on Twitter and Facebook.

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