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Daniela Ottová, one of the Faces of the Year, in Czech Republic!

“People need to understand that studying foreign languages is important in our daily lives, and even more so for the future.“ - Daniela Ottová, Student



My name is Daniela Ottová, I am 18 years old and I am currently attending grammar school in Jilemnice. I decided to become a Face of The European Year of Citizens 2013 because I believe it is important for people to understand the value of studying foreign languages to our future. By winning the Juvenes Translatores competition, which is organised by the European Commission every year, I have gathered a lot of experience that only further supports my opinion.

I have studied English since I was about five years old. Learning it from a young age allowed me to gain an understanding of the basics of English quickly, and helped me to excel in it at school. I have enhanced my English by reading books and poems, watching films and TV and listening to English speaking radio stations.

Of course, I have tested my knowledge in several English competitions including Juvenes Translatores, which introduced me to new options within the language and translating field. I imagine that my knowledge will also support my application to universities in the Czech Republic, or elsewhere.

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