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FRA - Report "The right to political participation of persons with disabilities: human rights indicators"

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) will outline some of the difficulties people with disabilities have in exercising their right to political participation on 29 April.

The summary of the report The right to political participation of persons with disabilities: human rights indicators reveals how this right is being respected, promoted and fulfilled across the EU. It also shows that given the opportunity, people with disabilities actively participate in politics through voting, political meetings and engaging with elected officials. However, they also reveal that significant challenges remain which affect some people with disabilities more than others. These include:

  • legal and administrative barriers;
  • inaccessible buildings, information and processes that do not take into account the needs of people with all impairments;
  • few opportunities to take part in political life due to a lack of support and engagement with disability groups; and
  • a low level of awareness about the needs of people with disabilities among the various organisations involved in political processes, such as election officials, political parties and communicators.

This latest research contains promising practices drawn from across the Member States. It also makes suggestions about how to improve political participation grouped according to the following themes:


  • Lifting barriers
  • Making political participation more accessible
  • Expanding opportunities for political participation
  • Increasing rights awareness
  • Collecting data to measure political participation

The summary of the report is available on the FRA website. The indicators can also accessed online on the FRA website.


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