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Meet Jan Lachner: one of the Faces of the Year, in Germany!

Jan Lachner, Aerospace Engineer



Jan Lachner, a German-French aeronautical engineer, was born in Paris and lived in Frankfurt for 12 years. He then returned to France to finish school and studied Aerospace Engineering at the University in Toulouse. In January 2011 Jan started working, according to a more unconventional working structure, called the Euro-Jobs Project (

The objective is to work in 33 different jobs in 33 different European countries. In this way, Jan is taking advantage of some of the opportunities offered by the EU to its citizens. Jan can acquire unique professional experiences in his life and is an example of the open-mindedness of young Europeans. By exploring certain characteristics of the 33 countries through typical jobs associated with them and by entering into exchanges with the locals (in particular by staying with a host family each time), Jan hopes to gain some interesting insights into other cultures as well as learn more about himself.

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