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14/05/2013 13:27 - 15/05/2013

EUCIS-LLL’s next Annual Conference - “Rethinking Learning: Transversal competences in the spotlight” | Vilnius (Lithuania)

“Rethinking Learning: Transversal competences in the spotlight” will be the theme of EUCIS-LLL’s next Annual Conference that will take place on 14 May in Vilnius, Lithuania and be followed by our General Assembly on 15 May.

Conference rationale

Last November 2012, the European Commission launched a Communication on “Rethinking Education: investing in skills for better economic and social outcomes”, which reflects the political necessity to give a new conceptual framework to upcoming key challenges in education and training. The Communication aims, among others, at delivering the right skills for employment and calls Member States to further develop transversal skills, and particularly entrepreneurship, digital skills and language learning. EUCIS-LLL welcomes the invitation sent to educational actors to rethink education in a partnership approach. In a very complex and ever-changing environment, Europeans must not only have and update specific job-related skills but also possess the transversal competences that will enable them to manage change and become lifelong learners.

The aim of EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference 2013 “Rethinking Learning: Transversal competences in the spotlight” is to create a debate around the concept and role of transversal competences in the framework of the European strategy on “Rethinking Education”. Contributing every day through grassroots initiatives to equip people with the right competences to become fulfilled, active and employed citizens, civil society can contribute to the debate by providing innovative approaches and concrete practices. During the conference participants will work more specifically on four topics: civic education in the framework of the European Year 2013 of Citizens, digital competences, entrepreneurship skills and learning to learn. The aim is to look at what is currently done in educational institutions and what could be done in order to better deliver and assess transversal competences. In view of the upcoming Lithuanian EU Presidency this event will give a great opportunity to push forward some key messages from civil society representatives from all around Europe.

Early-bird registration until 1st April!

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