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07/07/2013 - 17/07/2013

Young European Citizens Convention 2013 : "Citizens of Europe: a choice to be made" | CLUNY (France)

From the 7-17th July 2013, the « Young European Citizens Convention » in Cluny (France) has decided to concentrate on what is working in Europe. We are choosing to be optimistic, to promote active European citizenship and to work on a plan to spread the word and demonstrate that Europe is attractive and worth fighting for. This will be the challenge set for the 60 young people from every European country but also from the rest of the world…to create an action plan « Citizens of Europe : « a choice to be made » «Europe has been downgraded»… « The Eurozone is about to explode » … « The European Union is a technocratic machine at the mercy of its markets and its lobbies ». At best, Europe is perceived as a necessary evil. But isn’t this bleak vision, an abdication of responsibility, a lack of courage, a way of opting out and avoiding taking action? The « Young European Citizens Convention » has decided to turn its back once and for all on pessimism and the current atmosphere of doom and gloom. What if we look at what we have already achieved through the European Union? What if we look at the amazing opportunities open to us as a peaceful, unified and prosperous continent, enriched by our different cultures? This year we want to concentrate on the reasons for hope. We are optimists but lucid, active citizens and above all looking towards the future. Naive? certainly not! The past 12 editions of the «Young European Citizens Convention » have shown that a diverse group of young people could meet the challenge of reflecting upon a common project for Europe through their enthusiasm and communication. For example the first European Citizen’s Initiative « Fraternité 2020 » was developed from the work carried out during the Convention. At the end of 10 days, the participants 2013 will have drawn up an action plan to promote the commitment of citizens in Europe. It’s your choice and your chance to act!

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