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Meet Sanja Doležal, one of the Ambassadors for the European Year of Citizens, in Croatia!

“Thanks to my profession, I learnt long ago that boundaries between countries are merely obstacles between people. I am happy to see Croatia join the European Union. To love your own, whilst appreciating others is a principle that I have taught my children. It is important to educate and inform Croatia’s citizens of the many rights they will be able to enjoy when they become EU citizens. That is why the European Year of Citizens is an important opportunity to familiarise people with the benefits that joining the EU will bring. Among other things, these include the right to move and reside freely within the EU, the right to health care in EU member states, the right to education and competing on the labour market, and many other rights. As a mother, I am especially interested in education opportunities in EU member states, and competing on labour markets. Nurturing culture, tradition and customs, whilst widening horizons by getting to know other cultures, is what I want for my children and for the citizens of our country. That is why it’s important for citizens to know their rights and realise that through active involvement and participation in our European citizenship, we can define our future, extending as opposed to changing what is ours – what is Croatian. “ - Sanja Doležal, Musician, TV host



Sanja Doležal was born on Europe Day, 9 May 1963, in Zagreb where she went on to study Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Growing up with a father who was a musician, she developed a love of music in early childhood and established a musical career at a young age. Sanja began her career as a member of teen band Prva ljubav before joining successful pop band Novi fosili,with whom she recorded over twenty albums.

The high point of her career came in 1987 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Brussels, Belgium, where the band won 4th place. Thanks to her music career, she has travelled widely and has sung at some of the most important music halls in Europe and the world. She is also known for hosting her own talk show ‘Sanja’, which was the highest viewed show in Croatia during the time it was aired. Sanja’s professional development has made her into one of the most influential people in Croatian cultural life.

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