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27/03/2013 10:00 - 27/03/2013 17:30

Enacting Europe in times of Crisis | Brussels (Belgium)

2013 as the European Year of Citizens is a time to reflect on the current crisis and the future of European citizenship.

Debate (10:00-12:30) at the European Parliament

Conference (13:30-17:30) at the European Economic and Social Committee

Speakers include Rosi Braidotti, Engin Isin, Rui Tavares, Sergio Carrera, Anais Faure-Atget,

Registration required: please email

Can the unequal distribution of power in Europe be turned into an opportunity for citizens to intervene on the European scene? Can European citizenship serve as a tool for implementing civic, political and social rights at the continental level, such as unemployment protection for all European citizens? Can European citizenship be enforced by progressive political actors in a way that extends the right of vote to third country nationals? Can claims to European citizenship be linked to residence in Europe and thus detached from Member State nationality? Can an active form of European citizenship bring together those claims and forms of participation that engage with the structures of the European space and bring about lasting and beneficial change?

The event will respond to a double purpose. The aim of the morning session is to hold a debate on how the European citizenship is constructed, and how it can become genuinely open. The afternoon session will open a dialogue between academics and activists on a wide range of issues, such as migration, security, feminism, democracy.

The Open University Oecumene project and European Alternatives have jointly organised this conference.

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