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Joel Santos, one of the Faces of the Year, in Portugal!

“Travelling in Europe has never been easier and so free of restrictions, especially for European citizens who enjoy an (almost) hassle-free travel experience. There are factors such as the spectre of terrorism leading to the strengthening of security checks, the disparity in living standards and purchasing power between countries affecting the volume and direction of flows of people, and the increase in probability of losing baggage. Still, at the same time several rights were created for the protection of travellers. “ - Joel Santos, Travel and nature photographer



My name is Joel Santos. I was born in 1978 in Lisbon, and I am an economist who fell in love with photography, which opened my eyes to see the world and the idea of travelling with a new perspective.

It is a way to awaken the senses, learn, to be confronted by different realities and to establish human relationships that allow for inner growth.

My goal has been to travel all over the world, but to never overshadow Europe, wherein I have had the privilege of visiting twenty countries, many of which I have returned to.

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