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14/12/2013 10:20 - 15/12/2013 10:20

Innovative e-learning practices for promoting active citizenship | Athens (Greece)

The national e-Learning Expo 2013 will be conducted on December 14th & 15th 2013 at the building of conferences of EEDE (Greek Association of Business Management) and will introduce the public to the subject of “Educational innovation for active citizens”.

The connection between the active citizens and the education is of primary importance. The aim of this conference is to present innovations in practices and strategies of e-learning which can help citizens to: develop their potentials learn how to be creative in a pleasant environment feel more self-sufficient and take initiatives in order to solve problems. These aspects and the technology used will be presented to the audience after the e-Learning Expo. Experts to the fields of technology, education and business will be there to show us new strategies followed in e-learning. There are four basic points of this exposition this year, connected to a great extend with the international environment. Specifically, the exposition will be based in: -The citizens of tomorrow -The citizens of today -The citizens with physical disabilities -The citizens of the world


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