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23/09/2013 09:00 - 29/09/2013 17:00

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION WEEK 13 | International (Slovakia)

Co-ordinated, awareness-raising events and surveys, involving international and national publicity Similarly to previous years, the Citizen Participation Week will highlight issues that are about people and their communities, and not about the constantly and artificially generated usual political and media themes.

Local and small regional issues, problems and alternatives will be put on the agenda, while the notions of participation and democracy, and the opportunities for active citizenship, involvement and local action will be also discussed, with an emphasis on good practices. (Further information below!)

How? You are all welcome to:

- Organize events, meetings, discussions, actions, street actions, campaigns

- Try to influence on and offline media with participation issues and messages

- Involve local/national/European politicians, invite or address them

- Be active on social media surfaces, try to collect or organize online participation opportunities

- Spread interviews, videos, messages on your platforms , networks, surfaces


For EU countries you may find an obvious link with the European Year of the Citizens ( it may be helpful to check the EYC-Alliance and its (ours) manifesto about the year (

For non-EU countries it might be interesting to highlight that this is not only the year of EU citizens but the citizens of whole Europe.

We reached this topic at our Citizen Participation University this year as well ( Resources

We are happy to discuss your issues, answer your questions (;;

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manifesto about the year

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For questions related to the Year, contact

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