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23/04/2013 - 09/05/2013

Citizenship Days: participating and contributing | Various places, media and the WWW (Austria)

The Austrian Days for Democratic Citizenship Education focus on active citizenship and community involvement.

Important stakeholders and institutions of citizenship education present themselves and their work in order to make visible the broad range of their activities.

Many of the events are especially designed for teachers and students, many, however, are addressed to a broader public.

The guiding idea of the Citizenship Days is “Learning and Living Democracy”, which is the slogan of the Council of Europe “Education for Democratic Citizenship / Human Rights Education” programme.

The Citizenship Days:

• aim at helping to raise awareness and to step up sensitisation in this field of education;

• meet the national curriculum for citizenship education and complement other existing means of teaching and learning;

• give visibility to education for democratic citizenship and are intended to encourage as many schools and civil-society actors as possible to get involved;

• provide a framework for presentations of programmes and activities with the help of an extensive line-up of what is on offer in the field of citizenship education;

• increase the status for citizenship education in society;

• contribute to networking in the field. “Participating and contributing” is one of the key competencies in active citizenship. It is about being actively involved in society and includes a capacity to contribute appropriately as a group member.

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