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Meet Eduards Gaušis, one of the Faces of the Year, in Latvia!

“People are used to situations where decisions about their lives are made by some authorities, either on a local, national or EU level. Sometimes people can’t even imagine that everything is in their own hands – their needs, dreams and will. The European Year of Citizens is the right moment to open the eyes of EU citizens and introduce them to possibilities to be active and to change their own future according to how they want it to be. It is particularly important to provide young people with this understanding, as they will be the ones to build the future of the European Union”, - Eduards Gaušis, President – ‘The Club “The House” – Youth for United Europe’




Eduards has been President of youth organisation ‘The Club “The House” – Youth for United Europe’ since 2011. Together with other members of the organisation, he actively informs young people in Latvia of their rights and possibilities as European Citizens, as well as educating them about the EU through informal education projects, training sessions and events.

Eduards has been involved in NGOs for over 12 years, embracing his opportunities as an EU citizen and promoting them to help others benefit. As president of ‘The Club “The House” – Youth for United Europe’, he now has a platform upon which to share his knowledge.

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