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22/05/2013 09:00 - 22/05/2013 18:00

Caravan - Crisis and Renaissance; Social and Community Theatre Paving the Way Towards European Active Citizenship | Brussels (Belgium)

'CARAVAN. Artists on the Road' is a Community Theatre project created by a multi-disciplinary partnership consisting of 11 cultural organizations from nine European countries.

The conference 'CRISIS AND RENAISSANCE - SOCIAL and COMMUNITY THEATRE PAVING THE WAY TOWARDS EUROPEAN ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP' is designed to help raise awareness about the community theatre as a relevant, innovative and powerful tool in response to ongoing economic and social crisis.

The conference will bring together experts, practitioners, performers and cultural organizations & networks from across Europe to exchange best practice.

It intends to build on further explore the concept of “Rebirth from Crisis” and through the healing cultural interventions and artistic performances based on the methodology of community theatre, with the aim of boosting the cultural and social empowerment of local communities in some symbolic places of crisis in Europe.

Social and Community Theatre Workshop The workshop which will close the day is intended to offer a synthetic experience of Social and Community Theatre methodology.

In the first part, theatre exercises are the means through which the participants, as individual and as a group, explore their personal skills about relationship and communication – basis of any form of participation – in order to be aware of them and improve them.

The proposed theatre games and improvisations involve body and speech and are focused on different aspects of participation such as activating, confidence, cooperation in group, leadership.

In the second part, through the evolution of the technique of role playing, the participants will explore situation related specifically to European citizenship.

Target: 25 participants

Selection procedure for the workshop: please send a short bio to the following address


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