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09/05/2013 09:00 - 09/05/2013 13:45

"Citizens Awareness" A cloud of Public Sector & Public Advertising | "Aula Magna" at the INAP (National Institute of Public Administration) on the 9th of May. Address: ATOCHA (street) 106, MADRID (Spain)

The 9th of May, Europe's Day, marks the anniversary of the "Schuman declaration". This day brings closer European institutions and citizens and strengthens ties between the European Union members. According to the European Union, Public Sector Information is the single largest source of information in Europe. It is produced and collected by public bodies and includes digital maps, weather data, health information, cultural information, road congestion data and information on court proceedings.

There is a need for raising citizens’ awareness on what their administration (public services already available) can and are doing for them. SEED is a European project which provides digital services served from the cloud, that can help to inform and educate citizens and contribute to leverage the use of digital services, that citizens ignore that exist. SEED deploys inclusive digital services that are user-friendly and available by means of multiple channels. During two years and a half, twelve partners from eight European countries will be working developing a series of pilot projects at local and regional level with the involvement of the civil society and IT developers. The SEED Consortium is organising a workshop to discuss the main topics faced during the project and the challenges foreseen for the sustainability of SEED after its termination. At this workshop, policies and tendencies of the European Digital Agenda in what regards to public sector information and public advertising will be presented, especially those initiatives to raise awareness and facilitate direct contact of public administrations with their citizens in a more effective and accessible way. This workshop aims to gather people from public administrations and information services at national, regional and local level, suppliers of digital information, management consultants, professional associations serving any of the communities mentioned above, academicians and interested stakeholders.

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