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Your Europe online in Belgium

A website Your Europe was launched at the occasion of the European Year of the Citizens 2013. This site has been set up with the collaboration of the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium, the Information Office of the EP in Brussels, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Belgium and the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and last but not least with the support of the EESC and the Committee of the Regions.

On this website, you will find for example a link to the websites of your European institutions (see the item “A votre Service” (French version) and the item “Activités” with for example the promotion for “Your Europe, Your Say (concours CESE in 2013)”). Also the video “Zinnekes – If Europe was a word” (Belgian winner in 2012) (copyright EESC) is consultable on the homepage for the citizens.

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