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Meet Wolfgang Knes: one of the Faces of the Year, in Austria!

Wolfgang Knes, Paper Engineer - Austria and Mondi Group Works Council



Wolfgang, born in 1964, has been familiar with the world of work since the age of 15. After his training as a machinist, he completed further training as a paper engineer in a paper mill factory that is now part of the Global Mondi Company.

Wolfgang is now among the top employees in a company that consists of 22,000 employees across 100 factories in Europe. Wolfgang believes that businesses can only thrive from counting on reliable and motivated employees. Workers, in turn, can rely on secure and rewarding jobs by applying understanding of global competition, and participate in the collective success of a company.

For Wolfgang, his management work goes far beyond salary negotiations. He is passionate about the health and safety of the company’s employees, and is committed to contributing to the long-term introduction of common European Union health and safety standards in the industry.

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