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We are proud to introduce Felice-Alessio Bava: one of the Italian Faces of the Year!

"For a young researcher like me to move freely in our continent means multiplying the opportunities to increase the scientific "luggage"…Exchanging ideas is the basis of a job like mine, in addition to being an important tool for the advancement of science in general. Therefore it is important that the European Year of Citizens reminds all of us that only if we are united, the research could lead to new discoveries powering both human and cultural growth. I hope that we will talk soon about the World Year of Citizens." - Felice-Alessio Bava, Researcher



Born in 1983 in Rome, Felice-Alessio earned a BA in Molecular and Cellular Medical Biotechnology before beginning work at the Mendel Institute in Rome and in the "Genome Laboratory", where he was involved in genetic diagnosis and, in particular, preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Thanks to the prestigious "La Caixa" scholarship, and exercising his right to live abroad within the EU, he had the opportunity to move to Barcelona to work at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) under the guidance of Dr. Raul Mendez.

Felice-Alessio moved to Barcelona’s Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in 2012 as a Researcher (Ph.D. in Biomedicine). In January 2013 his work was published in the scientific journal "Nature". He is currently working in Dr. Mendez’s laboratory, where the IRB conducts research on the line of the PhD work.

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