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VIDEO CONTEST: We are Europe. Every day.

At a key moment in the history of European Construction and ahead of the European elections next May, the European Commission, in partnership with the United Nations, is launching a video competition on the theme of the European project and the support of its citizens for this project.

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The European Commission (EC) is the executive body of the European Union responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the Union's treaties and day-to-day running of the EU.

Originating in 1951 as the High Authority in the European Coal and Steel Community, the Commission has undergone numerous changes in power and composition under various presidents, involving three Communities.

The European Commission represents the interests of the EU as a whole. It proposes new legislation to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, and it ensures that EU law is correctly applied by member countries.

For more historical background please see also on the web:


Try to answer the questions:
“What does ‘being European’ mean to you?”
“What are the values behind the European flag that you appreciate the most and how do you live your life being a European citizen?”
“Which advantages do you enjoy the most?”.
Then show it in a short video and connect all of this back to a related and consistent event of the history of the European Union. This might sound like a tough one, but keep on reading:

Creative route:

1. Think of a specific date on which an important event in the history of the European Union occurred;

2. Compare it to what it meant for you and how it affected your personal life, village, city or even country. We want to see how your situation was before this date/event, what the current situation is and how your chosen event will affect your life in the future.

3. Create a video mixing images of personal events with EU related events. You can use your personal footage as long as it fosters the European values.

We are providing you full access to the database of extracts from the online Audio-visual Library of the European Commission or of the United Nations. You have free access to more than 1.100 video stock shots, around 28.000 news extracts that are classified by themes, and some more archive material.
You can also find interesting clips in the United Nations Multimedia Database on .
For copyright restrictions, please do not use extracts from documentaries from the following section:

Please use your very personal content, only if it can be related to the fundamental values (human rights, democracy and the rule of law) and try to avoid the usual "vox populi" street interview, we would like to see something more creative and avoid showing too personal moments like wedding days.

Some important events for the EU to think about as examples are: 70 years of peace in EU, free movement of people, goods, services and capitals across borders, the Schengen area, rights for EU citizens, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), protection of health and consumers, the environment, climate change, youth employment and programmes (ex: Erasmus), equal opportunities and non-discrimination, regional funds, the single currency, the Open Sky, the Digital Agenda, roaming costs, fair competition, European citizenship, the Enlargement of the EU…

Some non exhaustive examples:

1. For instance, suppose you pick 24 October 2013 – a day of a European Council meeting. You can mix the archive images with your personal story, showing us things that happened in an EU country or in your personal life on that date. Ex. On the same day of the European meeting you were having dinner with your Erasmus friends at your place, sharing typical dishes from everyone’s country. In this case you can show how your table would have been empty before the Erasmus project was opened, how it’s full of international people now and imagine how it can be in the future.

2. You could also pick a date back in the 80s or 90s and show alternating images of a European event mixed with your team winning the World Cup, or a traditional celebration in your home town that foster the values of citizenship. As an example you can alternate footage from important European events (such as the decision of the monetary unification) with your personal story: ex. footage of yourself changing money every time travelling (before the monetary unification), images of yourself buying something in different countries of the EU with the same currency and imagine what follows.

3. You can also pick the future date of 25 May 2014 (last day of EP elections) or a date in 2057, 100th anniversary of the Rome treaty, and imagine where you will be at that time, and what you or your city would have achieved by then.


Genre: documentary, fiction, artistic, editorial, real life as long as it’s creative.
Please use the provided production extracts taken from the online Audiovisual Library of the EC or of the United Nation. Your video will have to include +/- 25% of these archives within your original content.

Tone & Style: Your video needs to be in line with the European values and communicate positive emotions that the European Identity can trigger.

Target: potential impact on a large audience of all genders and socio-economic backgrounds.

Rationale: Making the European identity tangible by telling stories about what makes us proud to be European.

Slogan: "We are Europe. Every day"

Language: Your clip can be in any one of the 24 official European languages, but it is mandatory that you deliver your video with English or French subtitles.

Music: Please use royalty free for required exploitations or original tracks

Logos: Please use the packshot provided

Criteria you should pay attention to:

● Originality of the clip, level of creativity, artistic and aesthetic approach
● Universality of the content and its capacity to touch the target group all over Europe via different platforms
● Its capacity to be shared and go viral around its content
● The technical quality of the final product.

Technical specifications

Format: AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, OGG, WEBM – 16:9
Length: max. 3 minutes
Resolution: 1920×1080. HD
Interlaced upper field first

IMPORTANT (Terms & Conditions)

● The competition is open to production companies and to individuals over the age of 18.
● The clip should be composed at +/-25% of some archive material that can be downloaded from AV portal of the European Commission or from the United Nations' website with the provided links.
● The copyright framework of the use of the EC footage is available online.
● The EC and the UN will be licensed with a non-exclusive rights on the uploaded content as well as will acquire the full exploitation rights on the selected content for future use on all media, without geographical or temporal limits.
● By registering for the competition, the participants accept the general rules of the competition as well as the rules of the brief.
● The candidates will post their clips directly on the Userfarm dedicated platform or on
● When uploading your content please mention the EU or UN archive extracts you used within your video.


Please submit your videos from January 3rd 2014 until 10th March 2014.


#1 EUR 6,500
#2 EUR 2,500
#3 EUR 1,500

The three finalists will be determined by the European Commission and the United Nations trough a jury which can consider the online voting, sharing and “likes”.

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