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Let us introduce you to one of the European Year of Citizens Ambassadors in Spain!

“It is a great initiative, which I am happy to support. We not only belong to Europe because Spain islocated on the map, being European opens many doors to the world and offers us many advantages. It is very important to be aware about our rights as citizens of Europe in health, education and work fields. And for young people it’s especially important to take advantage of this privilege. I am a world citizen and I do know we should be informed about our rights. I encourage you all to visit the website: You will feel at home in Europe” - Ferrán Adriá, Spanish Chef, of ‘elBulli’ fame



Ferrán Adriá was born in 1962 in a suburb of Barcelona and began his culinary career as a dishwasher in different restaurants where he learnt the classic culinary techniques.

Ferrán is considered by many critics and customers as one of the great chefs of the world, with Gourmet magazine having referred to him as "the Salvador Daliof the kitchen".

His restaurant, elBulli, is one of the most renowned restaurants in Europe, and held 3 Michelin stars. Ferrán is fascinated with molecular gastronomy and is an advocate for experimental and creative dining. His business and his successful career are studied in prestigious universities, such as Harvard.



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