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Ladies and gentlemen, Irene Villa: one of the European Year of Citizens Ambassadors in Spain!

“I do agree with the messages of this campaign because I think that being part of Europe is not only a geographical fact. We are living in a global world and now more than ever we have to be aware that Europe is our home too and this implies many benefits and we have to take advantage of them.” “As Europeans we have lots of advantages in the health field, education, work, language… As a Paralympic skier I’ve travelled through many countries and I do know it is very important to be well informed about our rights, especially when we are abroad” - Irene Villa, Journalist, psychologist, writer and Paralympic skier



Irene Villa was born in Madrid in 1978. When she was 12 years old she and her mother were victims of a terrorist attack by the ETA, in which she lost her legs and three fingers.

Despite this brutal incident, she has always been a model of optimism, overcoming trials in her life. She studied to become a journalist, psychologist and in 2004 she wrote the book “Knowing that we can” where she talks about her experience and achievements.

She is currently working in media, radio and television and participates in many conferences about values in different forums.

Irene also became a paralympic skier, visiting many different countries to compete in skiing competitions.

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