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Hello Europe! Hello Senne Dehandschutter! Meet one of the Faces of the Year, in Belgium!

NAME: Senne Dehandschutter PROFESSION: Film and television director




Senne Dehandschutter (1985) is a Belgian actor and director for film and television. At a very young age, he already conquered the hearts of the Belgian public in a popular TV-series. He founded the production company Earth View ( and talent agency “In The Picture” ( At the moment, he is creating his first fictional feature film for a cinematographic audience, with support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF). Besides that, another Canvas documentary is in the making.

He is also currently working on an exceptional project called “Hello Europe” together with Majd Khalifed and Mathias Brouns. Their aim is to create direct contact between Europeans. For a short moment of time, Europe will appear as one big city. Over two weeks they will place large viewing screens of six meters long and two meters tall at central locations in large European cities. Two screens will be connected during each dialogue. Viewers standing in front of one screen can see and hear people standing in front of another screen. Every thirty minutes the connections will change and different cities will be brought into contact.

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