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generations@school 2012 engages the younger and older generations in a fruitful dialogue for a better EU

Building on the success of last year’s first edition, the European Commission launched in March the generations@school 2013 competition, offering educators a great opportunity to organise activities in the classroom that bring pupils together with seniors and contribute to a better understanding of each other.

The aim of the initiative is to invite EU schools to engage in an active dialogue about what it means to get old, and how older and younger people can collaborate to build together a better life.

With 2013 designated as the European Year of Citizens, the second edition of generations@school is also conceived as an opportunity to raise consciousness among youth and to organise discussions about Europe and its past, present and future: How has life changed since older people were young? How do citizens perceive life in Europe today? How do different generations imagine their future?

As an extra activity, the classes of pupils aged 15 and older are asked to work together with senior citizens to create a special intergenerational message about the future of Europe, which could start with “We want a Europe where… “.   The project with the best message can win a trip to Brussels and the European institutions.

Over 700 schools have already registered for the competition and so far 100 shared their intergenerational experiences on the website. Their activities have been diverse and creative, including round table discussions about Europe´s future, creating and performing plays on different EU issues, cooking deserts, planting trees, painting Easter decorations, and much more.

The competition is open until the 30th of June.

You can find out all about these and other intergenerational activities on the website:   

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