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ATD Fourth World : Recommendations for a Europe Without Poverty and Exclusion

ATD Fourth World has compiled a series of recommendations for the upcoming European elections, available for download below.

These recommendations include:

• A guaranteed right to legal existence to everyone living in the EU

• An education system which provides the same opportunities and quality for everyone

• That the Recommendation on the Youth Guarantee become a Directive so it will be binding upon all Member States

• To support the creation of decent jobs, so that those without qualifications and removed from the labor market may play a useful role in society.

• To establish a directive on a decent minimum income in all member countries which takes housing costs into account.

• To create spaces for reflection and dialogue with people who have an experience of poverty and other partners.

• For the Multi-annual Framework of the Agency for Fundamental Rights to provide for the possibility of cases of infringement and discrimination related to situations of extreme poverty.

• For all Member States to ratify the European Social Charter and to accept articles 30 and 31, and the collective complaints procedure.






Proposals for European Elections
PDF - 657 kb
Summary - Proposals for European Elections
PDF - 121.4 kb

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