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The EU in brief: New infographic released in this European Year

Did you know that as an EU citizen, you can live and work in any EU Member State? Did you know that you have the right to study anywhere in the EU and that you can vote in EU elections, wherever you are in Europe?

To find out some interesting facts about what EU citizens really know about the EU, a brand new infographic spells it all out simply and clearly!

With the 2014 European Parliament elections just around the corner, it is important for Europeans to take action and learn about the EU, including voting to have their say. Some Europeans might be surprised to know that in the last European Parliament elections in 2009, the EU turnout to vote was 43%. In May 2014, the EU hopes to raise those figures and hear the voices of more citizens!

Only 45% of people interviewed in 2012 were fully aware of their EU rights, and in this European Year of Citizens 2013, the EU seeks to help inform its citizens and help them make more use of their travel, voting, healthcare and other rights.

From Bulgarian to Latvian, and from Lithuanian to Swedish, the infographic is available in 23 European languages and provides lots of interesting information encouraging citizens to make the most of their lives in the European Union.

You can also also help your friends and family to find out more about the European Union by sharing the infographic on Facebook or Twitter!  


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