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26/09/2013 18:00

Recital and panel discussion | Naples (Italy)

"And yet I love you. An unrequited love".

This is the title of the monologue by Andrea Cerasuolo and Carlo Conte (ed. Giannini) that will be recited Thursday, 26 September 2013 18:00 in Naples in Science City - Dining Sappho, followed by a panel discussion on the relationship between man and God by INCIPIT center of literary studies - with the patronage of the President of the Campania Region Moral.

Reads the monologue Pietro Pignatelli (Actor and director); Key note speech Ermelinda Federico (Director of INCIPIT - center literary studies); They report: Antonio D'Ambrosio (Psychiatrist-Psychotherapist - Medical Director AOP - Second University of Naples); Mark Luongo (Criminologist - President of AliudCrimen), Francesco Esposito (Director Office of Prison Ministry - Diocese of Naples); discussion Moderator: Massimo Enrico Milone (Director of RAI Vatican); spoke Authors: Andrea Cerasuolo and Carlo Conte, the term will be offered a drink. Participation is by invitation or greeting permitted, subject to registration.

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The subtitle of the work focuses on the central theme: "unrequited love", that between the young man and God is a love that becomes delirious and deviant waiver, which does not allow competition, all-encompassing and possessive, asking for exclusive and for this planning and executing the elimination of all family members, guilty of subtracting the divine attention, until, remaining God - however - deaf and dumb to the nefarious actions, the determination to be considered leads to the suppression of the self. The narration of the facts systematically: the authors begin by introducing the problem, while the passage from a literary murder another is effectively punctuated by the phrase: "In the end I just wanted you noticing me"

The theme of the work is handled with wit and irony, and the text is well suited to be monologue on the theatrical stage; may also be variously analyzed in aspects of literary, educational, criminological, psychiatric / psychotherapeutic orientation cognitive / behavioral: certainly constitutes the starting point for a broad cultural and social debate that kicks off from here.

During the roundtable prof. Federico, director of the research center INCIPIT will make explicit reference to the European Year of citizens, emphasizing the fundamental reference that the European Constitution is the protection of the family and the health of European citizens.

European Constitution

part II

Title IV - Solidarity


Family and professional life

1. You are guaranteed the protection of the family shall enjoy legal, economic and social.

2. In order to reconcile family and professional life, everyone shall have the right to protection from dismissal for a reason connected with maternity and the right to paid maternity leave and to parental leave following the birth or adoption of a son.


Social security and social assistance

1. The Union recognizes and respects the entitlement to social security benefits and social services providing protection in cases such as maternity, illness, industrial accidents, dependency or old age, and in the case of loss of work, according to the rules laid down by Union law and national laws and practices.

2. Everyone residing and moving legally within the European Union is entitled to social security benefits and social advantages in accordance with Union law and national laws and practices.

3. In order to combat social exclusion and poverty, the Union recognizes and respects the right to social and housing assistance so as to ensure a decent existence for all those who lack sufficient resources, in accordance with the procedures down by Union law and national laws and practices.


Health protection

Every person has a right of access to preventive health care and to obtain medical treatment under the conditions established by national laws and practices. In the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities shall ensure a high level of protection of human health.

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