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We are proud to introduce Gordan Kozulj, one of the Ambassadors for European Year of Citizens, in Croatia!

“For many Croatian citizens, the country’s accession to the EU presents a series of questions. These questions create fear, and fear turns into aversion. It shouldn’t be like that, because the EU is supposed to serve as a platform for continued development of democracy and the advancement of citizens’ basic rights. That’s why educating people about their civil rights is a prerequisite to practice and nurture the achievements of civilisation, as well as a basis for active participation of all citizens in the further development of Europe’s civil society. I would advise everyone to get informed about their key rights, whether it’s internet shopping, studying in other EU countries, health protection abroad, or how to get further information from EU institutions and request changes to be made to laws from the European Commission – because sooner or later, all of us will come face to face with these rights.” - Gordan Kozulj, Consultant



Gordan was born in Croatia, where he established himself as a successful swimmer, which subsequently led him to study in the USA, enrolling at the University of California, Berkeley.

His teenage years were marked by the dissolution of communist Yugoslavia and the foundations of independent Croatia. He experienced the social, economic and political upheaval of this turbulent period, such as monetary devaluation, introduction of democracy, economic inflation and war. This has all left a deep impression on Gordan, and led him to study political economy.

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