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The EU motto

"United in diversity", the motto of the European Union, first came into use in 2000.

It signifies how Europeans have come together, in the form of the EU, to work for peace and prosperity, while at the same time being enriched by the continent's many different cultures, traditions and languages.

You can see here, in the different EU languages, some of the posters that feature this motto.

The motto in all official EU languages

  • Bulgarian: Единство в многообразието
  • Croatian: Ujedinjeni u različitosti
  • Czech: Jednotná v rozmanitosti
  • Danish: Forenet i mangfoldighed
  • Dutch: In verscheidenheid verenigd
  • English: United in diversity
  • Estonian: Ühinenud mitmekesisuses
  • Finnish: Moninaisuudessaan yhtenäinen
  • French: Unie dans la diversité
  • German: In Vielfalt geeint
  • Greek: Ενωμένοι στην πολυμορφία
  • Hungarian: Egység a sokféleségben
  • Irish: Aontaithe san éagsúlacht
  • Italian: Uniti nella diversità
  • Latvian: Vienoti daudzveidībā
  • Lithuanian: Suvienijusi įvairovę
  • Maltese: Magħquda fid-diversità
  • Polish: Zjednoczeni w różnorodności
  • Portuguese: Unidade na diversidade
  • Romanian: Unitate în diversitate
  • Slovak: Zjednotení v rozmanitosti
  • Slovene: Združeni v različnosti
  • Spanish: Unida en la diversidad
  • Swedish: Förenade i mångfalden