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European GNSS Agency

This body, established in 2004, manages a range of activities relating to Europe's satellite positioning and navigation programmes (including Galileo and EGNOS):

  • preparing for the successful commercialisation and exploitation of the systems, aiming at smooth functioning, seamless service provision and high market penetration
  • ensuring the security accreditation of the system & establishment and operation of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centres
  • other tasks, such as:
    • managing satellite navigation research under the EU research programme
    • promoting sat nav applications and services
    • certifying system components.

Due to its knowledge, competence and expertise the agency is in a unique position to ensure Europe fully reaps the benefits of EGNOS and Galileo, which has the potential to become a cornerstone of the global radio navigation and positioning system and to contribute in a unique manner to the creation of jobs and economic growth.


Executive Director:
Mr. Carlo des Dorides

European GNSS Agency

Contact details


Janovskeho 438/2

170 00 Prague 7

Česká Republika

+420 234 766 000
+32 2 296 72 38