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European Environment Agency

What we do

We provide independent information on the environment, to feed into EU and national policymaking.
With a permanent staff of around 130 and an annual budget of €40m, we provide a wide range of information and assessments on:

  • the state of the environment
  • environmental trends, including assessments of economic and social factors putting pressure on the environment
  • policies and their effectiveness
  • possible future trends and problems.

Member countries

The EEA currently has 32 members - 28 EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.


  • Eionet – the European environment information and observation network (mostly national environment agencies and ministries with some 300 lower-level institutions).

The EEA is responsible for developing Eionet and coordinating its activities.

Legal basis for our work

EU regulation 401/2009 on EEA and Eionet

Executive Director

European Environment Agency

Contact details


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+45 33 36 71 00
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