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European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT)

The EIT supports technological innovation throughout the EU – in research, education and business. Its goal is to promote sustainable economic growth and boost European competitiveness.

EIT activities

  1. Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs):
    • are integrated structures that inter-link the higher education, research and business sectors
    • focus on priority topics with major implications for society
    • bring people with different specialisations together to work in teams at 17 locations ("co-location centres") across Europe
    • implement specific projects, educational programs, funding schemes, etc.

    Current KICs (2011) are: Climate change and mitigation (Climate-KIC), Sustainable energy (KIC InnoEnergy) and Information & communication technology (EIT ICT Labs).

  2. Entrepreneurship

    EIT aims to create the right conditions for a flourishing entrepreneurship culture by:

    • encouraging a cultural shift in the way entrepreneurship and risk-taking are perceived
    • supporting entrepreneurship through activities such as the EIT Roundtable of Entrepreneurs and EIT Award.


The EIT is developing Masters and PhD programmes with the three KICs and their partners. The aim is to create an EIT brand of excellence across European higher-education institutions, which will mark out the EIT courses as cutting-edge in delivering high-quality, innovative results.

European Institute of Innovation and Technology

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