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Informing consumers – the EU lends a hand

Informing consumers – the EU lends a hand


Faced with increased consumer choice in the marketplace, Europeans need to be ever more discerning. To help them, the EU provides different kinds of information about their rights, enabling them to make more informed choices.

Information is provided in different ways at European level to help consumers: the European consumer diary for teenagers and DOLCETA, a consumer awareness-raising site for adults.

The European consumer diary is geared towards young people, who are increasingly susceptible to advertising and marketing techniques, and targeted as never before because of their growing purchasing power. Given that they are also tomorrow’s parents and educators, the diary encourages 15-18 year-olds to become more savvy consumers.

Millions of copies of the European consumer diary have been distributed to schools throughout the EU over the past three years.

The DOLCETA website features articles and quizzes aimed not only at individuals, but also at government bodies, associations, universities and the media. It gives consumers the information they need to compare products and services on the market, decide on purchases and defend their rights as consumers. The legal and practical information given on the site is adapted to the national characteristics of each country.

Protecting consumers is a central concern of the EU commission in its efforts to improve the quality of life of all EU citizens. The new Bulgarian commissioner, Meglena Kuneva, will be responsible for this portfolio.

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