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German EU presidency - new impetus for constitutional process

German EU presidency - new impetus for constitutional process


The European constitution will be high on the agenda of the incoming German EU presidency. Other priorities include growth and jobs, improving freedom, security, justice and stability for all Europeans, and tackling climate change.

Under the motto “Europe – succeeding together”, Germany took over the EU presidency on 1 January. This rotating six‑month position gives each member country the power to advance certain issues on the EU agenda. Over the course of its tenure, one of the German priorities will be the future of Europe.

Specifically, it wants to set a timetable for the adoption of the European constitution. German chancellor Angela Merkel explained that a constitution was needed before the next European elections and that Germany would do everything it could to bring this about. However, she explained that the redrafting of the text could not be completed during the first half of 2007.

Another of the German presidency’s priorities will be to put the spotlight firmly on the fight against climate change, where it intends to support the work of the commission in this area.

The opening of the presidency will be marked by the introduction of a new “triple presidency” system. This means Germany will consult Portugal and Slovenia, the countries that will take over the next two presidencies, in a bid to improve project planning. For example, the three countries will be jointly preparing a Europe-Africa summit to be held under the Portuguese presidency.

Pay a visit to the website of the German presidency.

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