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Sustainable development: working towards a better tomorrow

Sustainable development: working towards a better tomorrow


Eco-building, energy saving, clean urban transport and renewable energies will take centre stage during the EU’s first ever Sustainable Energy Week, from 29 January to 2 February, with events in Belgium, France and Spain.

The need to protect our environment and move swiftly towards more sustainable forms of economic growth is now universally acknowledged. One of the EU’s top priorities is to sustain and promote a model of development which relieves poverty and avoids damaging nature.

Sustainable Energy Week is an event for all European citizens, designed to answer our most practical questions: "Which household appliances should we choose?" and "How can we have economic growth while producing environment-friendly goods?" It will also focus on more efficient use of energy  and the development of renewables such as biofuel, wind and solar energy.

Sustainable development is a central concern in all the EU’s different policies,  and securing energy supplies and the fight against climate change are among the hottest topics of debate at EU level. As European Commission President  Jose Manuel Barroso recently said: "The fight against climate change, through energy and other policies, should be a defining mission for Europe’s future".

The Commission wishes to make Sustainable Energy Week a yearly event that will focus attention on related issues throughout Europe.

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