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Upload your Europe

Upload your Europe
Students in computer lab


Young people can now upload their vision of Europe to a brand new website.

Young people with a burning desire to air their views on European issues can now do so on the recently-launched video-sharing site Radio Web Europe. Users can post their own material, be it videos, interviews, games or cartoons, and debate hot topics, from sustainable development to free movement around the continent.

The EU-funded initiative aims to fuel debate on Europe among young people and, most importantly, to give them a voice. It aims to use new means of communication, such as video and radio podcasts, to take the pulse of Europe’s younger generation.

Presented by the Italian organisation Cenasca Cisl in partnership with seven organisations from seven EU countries, Radio Web Europe is one of the projects selected by the EU under plans to improve its dialogue with the public. Other projects include:

After the French and Dutch no votes in the referenda on the constitution, the EU is keen to listen more closely to people's views on a wide range of European issues.

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