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Generation Next asked to speak up on Europe

Generation Next asked to speak up on Europe


Latest European youth week urges young people to lay down their wishlist for tomorrow's EU.

From 3 to 10 June, the EU is holding its third European youth week. After the success of the 2003 and 2005 versions, young people across the continent are being called on once more for their thoughts on the European project.

This event, held not just in the EU's 27 member countries but also in countries covered by its new Youth in action programme, will bring young people together under the slogan "social inclusion and diversity".

Throughout the week, activities will be organised across the EU, for young people but also for the public at large: debates, consultations, film screenings, competitions, concerts, not to mention a string of workshops and information sessions.

All the discussions will feed into the ongoing debate on the future shape of the EU, launched in October 2005.

More generally, European youth week is designed to promote the EU's Youth in Action programme, highlight the achievements of projects funded by its previous Youth programme (2000‑06) and stimulate dialogue with young people on the big European issues of the day.

From 3 to 6 June, all eyes will turn to Brussels as it hosts an international event involving over 200 young people. On the agenda: working parties, project presentations and round tables, all led by European commissioners, representatives from the other EU institutions and a panoply of EU experts.

But the EU's interest in young people goes well beyond this one week: witness its wide range of policies and programmes designed to help this social group.

So why wait? Join the big debate today.

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