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A taste of Europe around the world

A taste of Europe around the world


Through food, festivals, theatre performances, art exhibitions and TV programmes, the entire world is taking part in Europe Day celebrations during this special year marking the EU’s 50th birthday.

On 9 May – Europe day - a string of events involving food, theatre and the arts will be held across the globe to mark the EU's 50th birthday. In Indonesia, a special food festival “A taste of Europe ” will be held in 28 top Jakarta hotels. From Hungarian goulash to Italian tortellini, Europe's diverse cultural heritage will be mirrored in its rich and varied culinary traditions. In Bangladesh, young trainee chefs will take part in a Euro-Bangla food fusion competition, blending these two cooking traditions into a range of novel dishes.

The EU–China partnership, the “European spirit” and European cultures and languages are some of the themes in an exhibition that will visit cities across China, opening on 9 May. On the same day, some 35 TV stations across Africa will broadcast a special programme on EU‑funded development projects, celebrating 40 years of EU-Cameroon friendship.

Malawi also celebrates 30 years of friendship with the EU this year. This broad political, economic and cultural relationship will be illustrated by Malawi school children in an art competition , with the winning paintings printed as a national stamp.

A new national stamp drawn by children to mark the EU’s 50th birthday will also be presented on 9 May in Tanzania. The same day, a theatre troupe will be portraying young Tanzanians’ myths and dreams about Europe in a light‑hearted way, performing a play in ‘Swanglish’, a popular language that mixes English and Swahili.

Japan will mark Europe day with visits to 50 schools in and around Tokyo by European ambassadors and diplomats, where they will discuss European issues with pupils.

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