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European Citizens’ Consultations

Dates: 24/03/07 > 25/03/07
Place: York
Country: United Kingdom
Participants: 150-200 randomly invited people to broadly represent the cross-section of the UK population
Organizer: Power Inquiry, as part of a partnership network of European foundations. Supported by the European Commission
More Info: UK website:, overall European website:
European Citizens’ Consultations

A week-end of discussions and deliberation to engage citizens directly in charting out the next steps for the European Union, remembering the past 50 years and looking forward to face the challenges ahead.

A cross-section of UK citizens are invited at random to take part in a week-end of discussion and deliberation as part of this pan-European consultation process. They take part in a structured discussion to develop proposals on key issues and make recommendations to policy-makers.

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