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The Baltic Sea Area in the EU as seen by young people.

Dates: 09/05/07
Place: Karlskrona
Country: Sweden
Organizer: Europa Direkt Blekinge
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The Baltic Sea Area in the EU as seen by young people.

In connection with the 9th May Celebration, the 50th Anniversary will be marked with a meeting and the opening of an exhibition designed by young people. This will illustrate how young people see the future in the Baltic Sea Area as part of the EU over the next 20 years.

In April 2007, these same individuals will participate in the Euro Region Baltic Youth Conference in Poland, organised by Europe Direct Relays in Sweden, Poland and Lithuania.

May 9th will mark the starting date of the exhibition.

The activity will be divided into two parts or, rather, take place in two different locations simultaneously.

Europe Direct has reserved some space on Northern Europe's biggest square, Stortorget, which is in Karlskrona. Here you can find information on the EU, take part in a quiz with prizes offered by Europe Direct and also meet those who work in the relay. The European flag will be hung from all flagpoles on the day to commemorate the event.

Simultaneously, they will host an open day where the exhibition created by the young people of the ERB’s Youth Conference will take place. We are hoping for a Member of the Swedish Parliament or a Member of the European Parliament to make the inaugural speech.

Refreshments will be served and much information relating to the EU will be on display. The exhibition will then be sent on to other libraries around the county.

The young people’s exhibition will be on tour throughout the county for the rest of 2007.

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