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Fifty years of dreams, five hundred million protagonists

Cultural event
Dates: 22/03/07 > 18/04/07
Place: Roma, Torino, Lecce
Country: Italy
Organizer: Cide (national center of information and European documentation)
More Info:,

Europèdia is an interactive multimedia initiative elaborated in order to experience the idea of Europe  through the languages of the new media.

The idea is to put in relation the information on the 50 years of European integration with the emotions of the spectators, through the preparation of an area with interactive multimedia solutions, directed to the active involvement of the citizens.

Europèdia is organized by the Cide (national Center of information and European documentation) and will be opened in Rome in the Gallery Alberto Sordi. It will continue to Turin in the S. Gallery Federico and will conclude in the city of Lecce.

The interactive atmosphere is composed by the Interactive Mirror: a video-interactive installation with a strong impact, prepared with projections and sensors of proximity. In its screen will be projected a visual poetry through which the citizens will be able to play with an informative system with high poetic intensity.

Wi-fi (Internet without threads) will offer the access to the web site of and to its geoblog.

Geoblog: an interactive map of the Europe that will create a shared virtual space thanks to contribution of the citizens that will be able to implement the site with their writings, photographs and video.

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