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"Jóvenes andaluces construyendo Europa" (Youth Andalucian building Europe)

Young people
Dates: 13/03/07 > 14/03/07
Place: Mollina
Country: Spain
Participants: Students of high school (16/17 years old)
Organizer: Center Europe Direct –Enlace Huelva, (County Council of Huelva); Center Europe Direct –Andalucía –Rural, (Association for the development of Guadajoz and countryside of Córdoba), (Baena, Córdoba); Center Europe Direct -Puerta de Europa (Community of municipality of the Campo de Gibraltar, Algeciras, Cádiz); Center Europe Direct, (County Council of Málaga); Center Europe Direct, (District of Sevilla); Center Europe Direct, (Area of the local development of the district of Andújar)
More Info:
"Jóvenes andaluces construyendo Europa"  (Youth Andalucian building Europe)

For the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the Europe Direct centers of Andalusia organize in Mollina (Malaga) a couple of days of dialogue and debate about The European Union. The meeting is for students of the high school (more or less of 16/17 years old).

The European Info Centers "Europe Direct" of Andalusia decided to work togheter for realize an activity in which the youth is the main caractere. The aim of the activity is to celebrate the 50th  anniversary of the european integration and to demostrate how the members States, despite differences, can cooperate having values en common: liberty, democracy, respect of human rights and equality.

The plan of activity is as follow:

Invitation to all the school institiutes of the cities participant at the event to take part at the days of meeting and dialogue called "JÓVENES ANDALUCES CONSTRUYENDO EUROPA" (Youth Andalucian building Europe). The event will take place the 13 and 14 of march at the youth center "CEULAJ" in Mollina (Málaga).

The participants at the event are students aged 16/17 years old of private and public high school located in the cities of the ED taking part at the meeting. The aims and the obligationspurchased are:

  • Every one of the 6 center/classes selected (one for each cities) should realize a team work with the help of the teacher about one of the subject selected. The labour could be theatre representations, fotos expositions, collages, Power Point, videos, etc. The labours will be exposed in Mollina and shoul show how students have worked together using different methods and skills. A student of each team, representing the all group, will expose a brief sum of the labour and the final conclusions they got, to the others students.
  • After the conclusions, you will form a workshop of dialogue and debate about the futur of Europe.
  • The subjects of the labours, share out entre the ED by lot, and comunicated to the different schools, are:

    1. Environment

    2. Igual opportunity

    3. Citizenschip (Participation, Rights and Duties and European awareness)

    4. Solidarity

    5. Europa in the world (European External Policy)

    6. Youth opportunities (study, work, voluntary service…)

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