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'The EU at 50'

Dates: 09/05/07
Country: Asia far East - China
More Info:
'The EU at 50'

The exhibition will be based on two concentric circles of exhibition panels which will be adaptable to various locations and easily transportable to cities all over China. At the centre will be a projection area, with seating for people to watch a 20min film covering most of the central themes of the exhibition.

The panels will be mainly in Chinese, with some English text, and an accompanying booklet will be available in both languages. The primary target group is an interested Chinese audience, possibly with a basic knowledge of the EU, but willing to spend an hour learning more.

Themes for the exhibition include:

The idea of Europe / Symbols of Europe / What is the EU? / History of integration / 'Fathers of Europe' / EU institutions and EU law / Economic integration – the common market and the common currency / The EU now – a diversity of cultures and languages / The EU now – a young Europe / The EU now – a great place to live and visit / The EU and China – closer partnership, growing responsibilities


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